Schaut euch gerne auch die wechselnden Tagesspecials an! Ooooh these all look amazing. I promise, you’ll love it and you’ll leave full. They have a full vegan breakfast, vegetarian and vegan breakfast and lunch options, plus plenty for the meat-eaters. Icy cold draft beer, greasy pub … Similar to Dean and David this is an excellent spot for pre-made food on the go. A vegan place that supports cats, yes, please! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A cute little shop opened by the Swedish chemist Dr. Cecilia George in 2013 during her second pregnancy. : +49 40 89 065 567 Email: I often hear people say that vegans are asking too much when they expect a “normal” restaurant to cater to their dietary restrictions. The falafel and hummus came drizzled with a creamy savory sauce and topped with delicate baby greens and radish. Okay I’ve rambled on enough. Even though I eat meat, I still find some of these options really amazing. If you’re not looking for a sit-down option then check out a place called Chi Thu which is a Vietnamese street food joint and has a whole vegan section. He also had a no alcohol policy for heath reasons and to honor this Max Pett does not serve alcohol or promote drinking culture which makes it a great option for Muslims who want to partake in German culture. Kaisergarten. I’m currently trying to phase out animal product. They also have small vegetarian sandwiches and bites. Shove as many of these as you possibly can down your throat in a time of need. It is great for catching up with a friend for lunch or warming up on a cold winter day. Keep it vegan by asking for mustard on the side, or take it vegetarian by asking for butter or my favorite, obatzda which is a soft cheese and butter combo. They also have traditional Afghani options including meat kebaps to appease the meat-eaters, but when they try your eggplant they might get jealous and convert They also accommodate other dietary needs such as gluten and dairy. best hotels in the center of Munich, 25Hours Hotel the Royal Bavarian, Sustainable Travel Guide to Seward, Alaska with Local Things to Do, Hiking to Jachenau Waterfall and Scenic Drive Near Munich, Exploring Murnauer Moos Marshland and Nature Reserve Near Munich, How to See and Travel Around Alaska Without a Big Cruise Ship, How to Celebrate and Honor Earth Day (Virtually) 2020, How to Help Local Small Businesses, Freelancers, and Creatives During COVID-19, 951 likes. The vegan schnitzel was everything good schnitzel is. They returned with what felt like a never ending selection of salty olives and almonds, tasty savory dips, superb whole steamed artichoke with zesty mustard dipping sauce, and flatbread topped with arugula, mushrooms, and tomato sauce. Easy, healthy and natural food, this restaurant can fit any occasion, but it's best to book as it gets busy! Lockerbrunch bringt das einzigartige und vegane Brunch Erlebnis in die außergewöhnlichsten Locations. Germans are relatively mindful people, and environmental awareness is a huge driving factor in the rise in vegetarian options and overall green living. Fun Fact: This place was named after Germany’s Max Pett, who is responsible for the clean city and incredible drinking water Munich has today. The front of Siggis is a vegan bakery with grab and go sandwiches, cupcakes, and other pastries. If you are seeking a vegan version of a traditional Bavarian dining experience while in Munich, Max Pett is the best place for it! Reservations are encouraged for dinner. The dish was glorious. You’re guaranteed a magical night. If you’re hungry while getting your coffee, then check out their veggie or vegan egg scrambles or quick bites in the other room. This is a healthy place through and through. Traveling in Munich during the Christmas market season, and want to find the best festival vegan and vegetarian foods during the holidays? So, try something outside the box and enjoy Munich’s multicultural cuisine to try something other than a vegan avocado bowl. As a local vegetarian, who mostly eats vegan in Munich, I’ve eaten my way through dozens of all-vegan restaurants and sampled hundreds of vegetarian dishes. Offering a great range of vegetarian/vegan dishes including burrito 's and thai curry 's. The serve vegan waffles, cakes, muffins, breads, cookies, sandwiches, and salads. 8. The best part about this location is the focus on sustainable business practices from energy reduction, plastic and waste reduction. On my next trip to Munich I will definitely try some of the restaurant tips you shared! These are somehow the most fluffy and delicious pancakes I’ve ever tasted. This ultra-hip vegan cafe located in the heart of our university district is known for its sustainable business practices and vegan food. hahah it is totally worth fighting over! There are two in Munich and are typically filled with university students studying. You can find people selling it in the streets and restaurants serving it up with potatoes and a vegetarian sauce. Definitely. They also try to reduce artificial ingredients and don’t add sugar or anythign else to their food. You’ll find a little bit of everything on the menu from Russian pancakes to Indian thali, but they somehow excel at everything. They have vegan hot paninis on wheat bread, vegetarian flatbread wraps, salads, soups, bowls, smoothies, and more. So, let’s learn some German phrases! They have a variety of milks and a great selection of teas and bio juices. Jeder bringt selbst etwas Veganes mit oder spendet 10 Euro. They also have traditional Ethiopian meats and wines on the menu. Please stay healthy and be a responsible traveler. They will also bake you some gluten-free bread or have it ready to serve – you just have to ask. Hope you have a fantastic time! Get in touch Vincent Vegan Lovefood GmbH Ruhrstr. Less than half of the prepared items on the brunch buffet were vegan, and they're not labeled - I had to ask the waiter. The original and first vegan and vegetarian cafe in Munich, but maybe not the best? In this guide, I’ll help you learn how to ask for no meat in German, recognize German words for common meats, invite you to my favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Munich with options for all budgets, and suggest some traditional Bavarian food that is vegan/vegetarian so you don’t have to miss out on all the cultural fun. Relatively new on the scene, Soy is all the very best of Vietnamese vegan food. If you’re looking for a special experience while traveling to Munich, CORTIIN Hotel is highly recommended. I just learned that this place is internet famous. Buttermelcherstraße 15 (im Innenhof) 80469 München. Lucky for us another German staple is vegan. No, the tacos came with spicy kimchee (Korean pickled cabbage) making them more special than your typical plate of tacos. mongolian restaurant munich, buffet, brunch, barbecue, opening hours,vegan, vegetarian, asian cuisine, low carb, gluten-free, all-you-can-eat, voucher. Without a booking you will have to wait half an hour or more on weekends. Read more: Privacy Policy. This is a very local recommendation, and I love coming here for Saturday brunch and getting their vegan breakfast with stuffed avocado, couscous, and perfectly cooked tomatoes for breakfast. München 72 and the Aroma place both look so inviting, colorful and tasty! Decorated with logs and fresh flowers, it is hard to believe that this café is located in the centre of Munich. One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants, but honestly you can’t go wrong with Vietnamese in Munich. Log in to your PayPal account. My favorite thing to order is their sweet potato avocado bowl with lots of fresh ingredients and plenty of tofu for protein. Siggis has a seasonal menu that rotates to feature fresh and local ingredients. Want More Vegan Food in Germany? Pin It! A wide range of teas completes your breakfast. Traditional German Food that is Vegan/Vegetarian, Happy Solstice and Yuletide everyone! Honestly, with the homemade hummus and flatbread covered in sauce and veggies, your meat-eating friends aren’t going to miss meat, but if they do, there are plenty of chicken skewers to shut them up. While you can sometimes find vegan Käsespätzel at the restaurants I mentioned above, traditionally this dish is loaded with cheese. Viktualienmarkt 6 Facebook // Directions. Traveling to Munich as a vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on experiencing the flavors of traditional Bavarian cuisine. The LOUIS Hotel has a massive vegetarian buffet every morning with what seems like endless vegan options, including vegan tofu scramble, muffins, sushi, hummus, avocado topped roasted potatoes, green juices, and delicious freshly brewed coffee. / 22.11. They also have an amazing vegan-friendly brunch at the weekend. There is traditional currywurst for your meat-eating friends, but the real magic happens in the sauce and to be fair the vegan one is just as good. Veganer, die gern gut Essengehen, haben in München so ihre Probleme. This dish is basically a pancake that is cut up and served on a platter with apple sauce on the side and powdered sugar on top. Bin Since 1994 Millennium has been committed to providing fresh, innovative vegan cuisine. The vegan brunch at Hotel Louis is a true insider tip in Munich. Black Bean is a German franchise chain dedicated to organic coffee. The result of this cultural marriage is an atmosphere that feels serene and luxurious, yet manages to remain utterly unstuffy. A woman on a mission, she didn’t let that little detail stop her from opening a fantastic vegan restaurant that serves delicious and healthy food and focuses on educating people about veganism. Vegan Einkaufen in München. VoyageLA – Meet Tara Punzone of Pura Vita West Hollywood VegoutLA – Pura Vita is opening a Pizzeria Here Magazine – The 10 Best Vegan Spots in Los Angeles According to Mena Massoud VegNews – 10 Vegan Easter Brunch Specials Across the U.S. This is the perfect spot for a healthy – or not so healthy – brunch but can get quite crowded on the weekends. The kantine of the Jivan Mukti Yoga centre this is a totally vegan cafe serving fabulous Sunday brunch. . Her honesty and passion is fierce, though she’s not the type of person to preach and scream at others about the righteousness of veganism. Gibt’s was glutenfrei? This Ethiopian restaurant has this massive shared pot of stewed veggies, dipping sauces, and traditional Ethiopian flatbreads, so everyone can dig in and be happy. I always pair it with a vegan oat milk chai latte and a bio-organic juice. Your tips helped me find such great places in Munich! This place is a bit off the beaten path, but the neighbor is artistic and worth checking out if you head up to the Blue Nile for dinner. We often go here for my birthday since Gratitude is a finer dining establishment. I still eat a lot of cheese and eggs, but other than that I do pretty good. This small cafe and superfood bowl restaurant along the Isar is perfect for a fresh snack in the middle of the day. Brunch. js.src = "//"; Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant › max - restaurant, bar & lounge Frühstück, Lunch, Dinner & Happy Hour mit regelmässig wechselnden Highlights. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Both perfect partners to a huge frosty mug of Bavarian beer. Best Breakfast & Brunch in Munich, Bayern, Germany - Mr. Pancake, California Bean, Schmalznudel Café Frischhut, Cotidiano Promenadeplatz, Mary's Coffee Club, Emmi's Kitchen, Treemans, Cotidiano Gärtnerplatz, Ooh Baby I Like It Raw, München '72 I’m giving you the credits in my trip report. They have lots of gluten free options as well. Traveling or living in a foreign country where you don’t know the language as a vegetarian is hard, I’ve done it, that’s why you’ll want to save this guide to share with your vegetarian and vegan friends to help bust the myth that Munich is not a vegan-friendly city. You could also say “Ich bin Vegetarin” used specifically for the female terms in grammar. Ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit. Thank you. So, if you’re looking for a vegan schnitzel, vegan knödle, etc., then this is the place for you. German food is so great! This is a great spot to get vegan coffee and hot vegan soup while getting some work done with their wifi and university feel. If you see flammkuchen on the menu there are usually two options, one with speck or ham – so stay away from that – and a vegetarian option that often has spring onions, tomato, or other various veggies. CORTIINA Hotel is one of Munich’s best design and boutique hotels. It was a well flavored, and energizing dish. Bitte reserviert über unser Reservierungsformular auf der Homepage (Standort “München” auswählen). Her favorite ice cream flavor is salted caramel, she love cows, goats, bees, and cacti. Head to Gute Nacht Wurst and order their vegan currywurst with vegan sauce and add a side of vegan Pommes for a great time! Happy Eating! Best Brunch in Munich, Upper Bavaria: See Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Brunch Restaurants in Munich. Their tables are constructed from recycled cardboard and soups are served in glass jars. Bodhi. Yeah I think it is really important to know how to ask for no meat as a vegan traveler. Although I am not a vegetarian or vegan I definitely plan on adding some of these restaurants to my list of eat in Munich. The Buddha Bowl at Rebella Bex in Munich is the main star at this restaurant. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); For breakfast, you can customize a tofu scramble with lots of fun things like spicy paprika. Drink as much beer as you want and have a great time. All of this food looks so tasty. My favorite Afghani restaurant has a full page dedicated to vegan and vegetarian options that are to die for. I love that you highlighted pretzels, Käsespätzel, and Kaiserschmarrn (we used to fight over this dessert). As much as I dislike some of the associations that come along with the word “foodie”, that label probably fits me pretty well. I also tried Rebella Bex’s vegan Pho. Yeah, you really have to know where to look sometimes, especially in a city like Munich! So, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You wont’ find any faux meats on the menu, but rather lot’s of veggies, fruits, and whole grains. The highlights were the miso eggplant, and Panko tofu. You can often find vegetarian or vegan Knodel, or dumplings, in Germany, but you want to make sure the broth is not made with meat stock. Hopefully, your friend comes back and tires all this great food! Mat & Nat Stylishe vegane Taschen aus Kanada 0; Veganista Muc Vegane Fashion in München 0 All ingredients are local, organic, and fresh for a healthy take on wood-fired pizza, pasta, and salads. They come smothered in a thick berry sauce and sweet syrup. Put this on your veggie bucket list. I always stock up on my Dean and David before boarding a train, and often order take away from them – as their boxes are mostly cardboard reducing their plastic waste. Auf einer kulinarischen Reise mit lockeren Vibes triffst du neue Leute und genießt dabei hausgemachte, regionale & 100% pflanzliche Speisen. Potatoes are everywhere in German; you can get them as deep fried pancakes AKA hashbrowns, in french fry form, or roasted. 990 likes. Order their vegan bun and your friends can get a more traditional Pho with meat broth so everyone is happy. Well, at least when you’re traveling, don’t want to get out of bed early, and have a craving for something sweet, something savory, and something caffeinated. Overpriced fruits and vegetables, huge crowds, beer gardens, massive pretzels, all right in the center of Munich. Delivery & Pickup Options - 54 reviews of Katzentempel München "I loved it here, especially in the evening when it's a little dark and the lights really set the mood. A dining experience at EMIKO Restaurant & Bar in Munich has all those things. Their natural rubber mattresses and unbleached cotton sheets make for a wonderful night’s sleep, and the fantastic restaurant and breakfast are excellent choices for vegan travelers. Alternativ natürlich auch gerne via Telefon unter 08941142458. You might need to exercise a little bit of the German I teach you at the end of the post. Munich has a bounty of Vietnamese  Middle Eastern spots and African dining. Super helpful! Rooms are stunningly decorated with dark oak furnishings, natural stone, and adorned with fresh flowers. Ok, maybe we also need vegan and vegetarian bowls, sandwiches, salads, breakfast, brunch, and bagels. I get it, when you’re traveling and want something quick and familiar it is nice to grab a burger and be done with it. Many of their teas are organic and you can stock up for your hotel or home. I(cat hiss sound) Cafe Blau feels like the cozy coffee houses of the north with their hip modern decor and the best part is they have TONS of vegan treats. He pushed the limits in health and sanitation and set the bar for European cities. Damit auch Veganer auf ihre Kosten kommen, haben wir die besten veganen Restaurants Münchens … I love Kaiserschmarrn, and it is my go-to breakfast at Oktoberfest. Scrambled tofu, Vegan Obatzda, Sausages, burgers, pancakes, porridge and a wide variety of options for brunch and lunch. Jan 3, 2018 - Vegan Munich Guide - The yummiest vegan food in Munich Germany. It was a simple, yet satisfying and tasty Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, mushrooms, tofu, carrots, and a savory broth. In Munich you can experience a ridiculously good vegan brunch. One of my favorite places in Munich, this place has heart (Herz) vegetarian shaped pizzas. However, if you follow this guide you’ll be getting much more than a sad side salad and instead, you’ll be eating at excellent vegan restaurants, with mouthwatering food. All cats here are rescued and supported by the lovely owners. 81541 München. I sampled the vegan tacos and vegan falafel with hummus. During our brief encounter she managed to move me to tears, and remind me of the true reasons why I’m vegan. They also cater to other allergies such as dairy or nut as needed. Sounds pretty standard right? Everything on the menu sounds amazing and it’s all homemade and 100% vegan. This place is insanely popular and near impossible to find a seat on the weekends, so try to visit during the week for a more relaxing visit. Vegan und München – diese Kombi klingt für einige Leute ein bisschen nach Green Smoothie aus Omas Garten. Ruff’s Burger has a few locations around Munich and their veggie patty is to die for! If you want to experience the height of luxury and amazing vegan cuisine in the center of Munich, don’t hesitate to book your stay at LOUIS Hotel. This place has several milk options, including Oat (Hafer), Almond (Mandel), and Soy (soya). Route Reservieren deftiges Essen food with vegan Speisekarte Speisekarte . The most important meal of the day. You’ll find soy and, I think, almond milk. See, I told you it wasn’t all veal and pork! Locker in den Tag starten, frühstücken ohne Hektik, einfach locker brunchen. For lunch, they have a daily rotating menu embracing various cultures from Indian, The Balkans, and The Middle East, enabling you to try traditional foods made vegan from around the world. Actually, wandering around the market admiring all the unaffordable delights for half an hour somehow manages to be a pretty nice experience. I highly recommend having dinner at GRAPES if you’re looking for a stellar wine and food experience in a cozy and relaxed setting. They even serve something that resembles vegan baked cheese raclette, a Swiss Alpine dish. This small and cozy hotel is excellently located in central Munich near most any site you might want to see during your visit. Indulging in every style of food comes along with certain pleasurable sensations, however, there are none quite like the ones that accompany an expertly crafted meal that includes several beautifully composed courses, and takes place in a stunning setting. Pre-made and quick (but hot) vegan and vegetarian options are what you’ll find at Frischfutter. It’s a great place to indulge in all your favorite comfort foods. I always start with just having 3x a week where I am vegan to get used to it. / 20.12. Eating at Gratitude, a modern vegan eatery in Munich, will make you grateful for traditional dishes from various cuisines made with a twist. Every year Munich becomes more diverse and progressive, with the options for vegetarians and vegans continuously growing, making it a top contender for meatless diets. They serve up some of the best vegan food in Munich! Ab dem 1.11.2020 startet der Brunch auch jeden zweiten Sonntag in Augsburg. And it’s no wonder, since the space doubles as a yoga studio. They have a full vegan breakfast, vegetarian and vegan breakfast and lunch options, plus plenty for the meat-eaters. The handmade soaps, creams and oils were initially created for the sensitive baby-skin and contain only eco-friendly ingredients, carefully selected according to their scientifically proven effects. I started to daydream about tangy, spicy wings, fried cheese, and towering mugs of icy cold German beer. Every one of the six course was perfection, full of flavor, complimenting textures, and tantalizing tastes. Wish there were more cats though." The rustic decor here will teleport customers to a small cabin in the woods. When the sun is out, the Biergarten offers a great outside seating area, although you cannot reserve an outside table, so get there early.. Kaisergarten, Kaiserstraße 34, München, +49 89 3888760 Dafür ist München auch bekannt, aber eben nicht nur. These restaurants don’t focus on vegetarian or vegan food, but they have flavorful and a variety of options to make any veggie person happy and their meat-eating comrades as well. Their menu is simple, focusing on salad and superfood bowls, vegan gourmet burgers, and a breakfast menu. What I experienced was a passionate discussion about veganism, including the story that led her to become vegan and later open a restaurant. This place focuses on international comfort food like chili “cheese” fries, vegan gyros, vegan buffalo wings, jackfruit burgers, hummus, and even some of your German favorites like vegan schnitzel. Der Vegan-Trend ist hier nämlich noch nicht so ganz angekommen und der Restaurantmarkt wird von traditioneller deftiger Brauhaus- und Biergartenküche dominiert. Ive been veg for 23 years – I went to Munich in 1997 and I remember lots of pretzels, beer and mac & cheese type dish (Or potatos and cheese) I think many places are more concious of the benefits of plant based eating, so thats awesome to see! With hearty mountain cheese or Bergkäse, melting over freshly made long twisted pasta pieces and topped with fried onions this dish is perfect during the winter months while skiing in theGerman Alps or to help you warm while traveling in Munich during the winter. Cafe Ignaz, München. I highly recommend Rebella Bex in Munich for a healthy and energizing vegan lunch that feeds both body and soul. Wow! We can have our vegan cake and eat it too! Neue Öffnungszeiten: Mo.- So. Funny enough Sigrid, who the restaurant is named after, doesn’t know the first thing about cooking. However, the experience I had meeting her was so unexpected and so moving that I think it’s important to share it with others. Vegan Brunch München, Munich, Germany. Brunch. Then you've come to the right place!We meet on a regular basis and try to arrange a variety of vegan events to suit The crispy Panko fried tofu was served hot and crunchy with a delicate sauce poured table side. Beyond Meat Breakfast Burger, Käseplatten auf Cashewbasis, Kokos-Dinkel-Waffeln und Tofu-Scramble – auch für Veganer*innen gibt es in München mittlerweile tolle Optionen zum Frühstücken. SIGGIS vegan restaurant in Munich is owned and run by one of the most passionate vegans I met while traveling around Germany. Bodhi a fantastic pub where you can get the real Bavarian tavern experience, except all vegan! I love junk food, home cooking, street food, and fine dining. Max Pett is a vegan restaurant in Munich offering a wide variety of cuisines, including classic Bavarian dishes. Neu. They will also bake you some gluten-free bread or have it ready to serve – you just have to ask. It shares an Innenhof- or inner courtyard- with a yoga studio and has lovely outdoor seating with a shaded natural awning. Eat Vegan and Vegetarian Food. Thanks for sharing! They have a vegetarian breakfast as well with plenty of cheese options and even some good old fashion bacon for the rest of the group.