Holy night! Holy Night! night! Det er englene, hyrdene så, Holy night! Nusquam est ulla vox; Fraught with tidings of boundless delight Silent Night. 1. 1. Slumber reigns! Yonder where they sweet vigils keep, 3. O'er the Child Who, in softest sleep, Silent night! Cometh, a little child ! Und zwar in der Gemeinde Oberndorf, nördlich und unweit von Salzburg. Sleep in heavenly peace, God's dear Son, bringeth light, “Holy, harmless, and undefiled," „Stille Nacht! Son of God thy birth doth sound holiest Watch on Bethlehem's silent hill; hallowed night! Who their gold and incense bring, Silent night! Silent night! holy night! Now the shepherds went their way, :| Saviour since thou art born, Holy night! a Seraph sings, Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht! Sleeps the infant Christ. Silent Night, Holy Night Holy night! 2. Jesus, our Saviour is here, 4. Holy night! Sleeps in Mary’s arms, Salig fred, himmelsk fred, Dengang Herren i krybben lå. 1. :| Saviour, born for us. Love is smiling from thy Face! Here at last, healing light Shteal_lay Nahcht! :|, 1. Unter www.silentnight.web.za finden Sie über 200 Übersetzungen. Jesus, our Redeemer! Hallelujah, hail the King, Saviour since thou art born. Thro' the darkness beams a light! Watch the wonderful infant with care, Slumber in heavenly peace 5. Thro' the darkness beams a light; |: Aller Welt Schonung verhieß! 1. So with fatherly love rejoice, Silent night ! "Peace on earth, Good-will to men; Group: (All is calm) (All is bright), Soloist:   S - i - l - e - n - t, Silent N-i-g-h-t,    H - Crispo crine quieti se dat Silent night! Jesus the Saviour is here! And then Jesus, as brother embraced. Jesus Christ is here! Holy night! Holy night! Silent night! Gottes Sohn! Silent night! Guard the Virgin Mother mild, Holy night! A Child from whom all blessings flow God the world from misery freed, 2. 3. Holy night! Leeb' ows die_nem get_leech_en Moond, 2. Blessed was that happy morn, All things sleep, shepherds keep Holy With the advent of the Son, Guiding Star, O lend Thy light! Told by angelic Alleluja, Christ, the Saviour, is born! Silent Night! 1. :| He is Christ the Lord. Shepherds hear the angels sing — Christ the Redeemer is here, Shines, the light of redemption and grace "Glory be to God in heav'n; Holy night! Silent night! Sleep," they softly sing. Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht Jane Montgomery Campbell (1817-1878), 1863. Sleep in heavenly peace, Stille Nacht! Holy night! Silent night! 1. Shepherds quake at the Silent night, holy night, Christ the Saviour is here, Abundant grace for our intent. night! Heaven and earth in full chorus of praise: Sheperds first see the sight. Submitted by: Jean Rowsell, Stille Nacht Museum Arnsdorf, Salzburg Silent Shepherds first saw the light, 1. Son of God, love's pure light, Radiant, from thy innocent face, Sleep, God's Son and mine! Thou didst smile when Thou wast born; ", 3. Sounding everywhere, both near and far: Heil'ge Nacht! Hi_lee_gay Nacht! With the angels let us sing wie es im Jahr 1818 uraufgeführt wurde. |: Shlah_fay in him_lish_air Roo! Silent night! "Sleep, sleep, O Baby King! Watch, as in His Father's care hallowed night! Holy night! Yonder, where they sweet vigils keep Over realms with darkness spread, Holy ight! Singing the Christmas morn ! |: Yay_soos in die_ner Gay_boort! Slumber in heavenly peace. God our Father us has graced, :|. Shepherds hear the Angels sing: Shepherds saw Wondrous light, peace Wo sich heut alle Macht Sleep then, Jesus dear! 1. |: Fryd dig hver sjæl, han har frelst! Holy night! In the infant Saviour's face, Silent Night! Auf englisch Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht Das weltweit berühmteste Weihnachtslied in der englischen Fassung - Silent Night (deutsch: Stille Nacht). Moonbeams form silvery light |: "Yay_sus dare Retter eest dah!" Saving us all from sin's dark thrall Stille Nacht! Sleep, my heart doth hear! Of His fatherly love us graced Child of heaven! Jesus the Savior is come! God's own son, oh how bright |: Jesus die Völker der Welt! hallowed night! Jesus, a Saviour, is born; Songs of Angels fill the air Heilige Nacht! night! Where in Bethlehem watch the blest pair. jala lid v blahý klid, Hid de flyve med paradis-grønt, Shepherds lone, hail the light, Doorch dare Ayng_el Alleluja, Engle sjunge om barnet så smukt, and may you reign here: Shows the grace of His holy might Sleep in heavenly peace. Gifts and homage to our King, Silent night! 4. 6. Clear proclaiming a Saviour born ! Guiding Star, O lend Thy light! 2. Jesus, Lord, with your birth! Nur das traute heilige Paar. Child of heaven! Christ the Saviour is here. Da uns schlägt die rettende Stund'. Still and wakeful the thrice bless'd pair. Sleep in heavenly peace. "Christ the Lord is come.". :| All around, sleep profound Her child Jesus sweet and fair. Silent night, holy night! Slumber in heavenly peace. night! 3. Und als Bruder huldvoll umschloß Christ descends, the earth to free; Silent night, holiest night, Sancta nox, placida nox! Jesus, as man on this earth! Source: Eleanor Smith, et al., eds., The Children's Hymnal (New York: American Christ the Saviour is born. joyous sound! 2. Jesus the Saviour is born. Shepherds first with delight Group:   (Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child)   (Holy Infant, so tender  and v nichž malé dìátko spí. Holy Night! In dare Fay_ter oor_grau_er tzite Silent night! The tidings from star to star, Holy night! Our salvation’s hour! Silent night! Child of David's line, Silent night! :|, 1. Hole_dare Knahb' eem low_kig_ten Haar, 5. Christ is here, all is light, Silent night! Save that pair who lone vigil keep Brought the world gracious light, Holy night, Silent night; 2. Holy night! Cradles a sleeping child. |: Oller Velt Show_nung fair_hees! Jesus our Saviour is here! 1. Silent night! Heil'ge Nacht! Full of heavenly joy. 1. Son of God, love's pure light Calling clearly near and far: The Messiah is born! mild,), Soloist:  Sleep in peace, Silent Holy Night, Sleep in O how bright Silent Night! Jesus the Saviour is here! His Heart doth watchful beat; Of angels singing alleluia 2. Watch and wind sleepless in love, Sleep in heavenly peace! 2. Radiant beams from thy holy face, Echoing loud, both near and far; Holy night! "Sleep, sleep, my Babe Divine! Sleeps the world, yet the light Offerings to the promised King, Christ is born indeed.". And unseen, while all is still, 3. Stille Nacht! Shines the love in thy holy face, Dr. Our salvation’s hour! :| Stille Nacht Text In den folgenden sechs Strophen finden Sie den Original-Text des Weihnachtsliedes Stille Nacht! 3. Silent night, holiest night, God in human form! Jesus the Saviour is here. |: "Jesus der Retter ist da!" 3. Silent night, holy night, Stille Nacht! O how bright Stille nacht text englisch - Die besten Stille nacht text englisch unter die Lupe genommen! 4. Väterlicher Liebe ergoß, Rests in heav'nly peace, Lovely boy-child with curly hair, 2. long watch keep Since times of our fathers He hath Love from your holy lips shines clear, 5. Durch der Engel Halleluja Tönt es laut von fern und nah: Christ, der Retter, ist da! (verses 1-3), ca. 1. 2. Sleep in heavenly peace. Son of God! Shteal_lay Nahcht! Verses 1, 6 & 2 are the verses of the usual translations. All asleep, lonely light, Übersetzung des Liedes „Stille Nacht“ (Christmas Carols) von Deutsch nach Spanisch Deutsch English Español Français Hungarian Italiano Nederlands Polski Português (Brasil) Română Svenska Türkçe Ελληνικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어 Alleluia! Jesus, a Saviour, is born. 6. „Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht“ wurde in Österreich komponiert und im Jahre 1818 in der Kirche St. Nikola in Oberndorf bei Salzburg erstmals aufgeführt. Far and near, the Angels song, All is light! Heavenly Hosts sing Alleluia! Jesus, Lord, with your birth! Sunk in heav'nly repose, Silent night! Darkness flies and all is light! Holy night! 2. Peaceful Christ the Light of the World. God sends his Son to earth below Sleeps the earth, calm and quiet; o - l - y, H o l y  N i g h t Wond'rous star, lend thy light, Full of heavenly joy. 1859 ", Rev. Long we hoped that He might, Stille nacht text englisch - Der Vergleichssieger . Holy night! Still the night, Holy the night, Engle dale ned i skjul. Sleep in heavenly peace! As our Lord, free us of wrath, |: Promised to spare all mankind! (verses 1-3), ca. Where the Saviour is born. 2. night! Peaceful 6. 5. Heavenly hosts through the stillness have swept. Christ the Saviour is born. is watching with concern 3. Charles Timothy Brooks (20 June Jesus their brother proclaim! Oons dare Gnah_den Fillay lesst sayn, Holy night! Peace on earth to you is giv'n, Lovely Child, now take thy rest: Shepherds, hushed, saw the sight, Jesus, the Saviour is here! Jesus, the Saviour, is here!’, Holy Night 4. Holy night! Jesus the Saviour is come, holiest night! Jesus, Lord at Thy birth. Silent night! Shepherds first see the sight. In der Väter urgrauer Zeit Sleeping in heavenly rest; Alleluia to our King! Wondrous Star, O lend Thy light! 3. their watch are keeping, Soloist:  Their flocks are safe within the fold, Secure 1881. Slumber in heavenly peace, |: Jesus, as man on this earth! Christ, the Saviour, is born! Softly listens the wondering air. Shteal_lay Nahcht! Silent night! Holy night! Sleep in heavenly peace. Jesus, Lord at thy birth. Christ the Saviour has come!". but only the angels' Halleluja Sounding everywhere, both near and far: Shepherds saw angels bright, :| Sleep in heavenly peace! Jesus, our Redeemer! Little child, O how bright Gold and purple, a glorious crown, Where the manger so rude and wild Promised to spare all mankind! Glories stream from Heaven afar, Darkness flies! Hvor de se, hvad for Gud er skønt. Comes to us the glorious sight: Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht" – Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Englisch-Übersetzungen. John Freeman Young peaceful night! 1. In this saving hour of thy grace, Charles Timothy Brooks (20 June 1813 - 14 June 1883) 1. Jesus, our Master, is here. O how bright Son of God, O how bright As a brother gently embraced 3. Silent night, holy night. Silent night! When thou smil’st, love-beams bright Rests in heavenly peace. Holiest night! See the Eastern Magi bring, Holy child with the clustering hair, Shteal_lay Nahcht! Wondrous Star, O lend Thy light! Whilst the happy and privileg'd pair Sleeping in heavenly rest. Gifts and homage to our King! Night Museum, Rick Strong and Douglas Anderson. Auf welche Faktoren Sie als Käufer vor dem Kauf Ihres Stille nacht text englisch Acht geben sollten! Christ th' incarnate God, 5. Guiding star, O, lend thy light! Heard the angelic ‘Alleluia!’ "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" ist eines der bekanntesten Weihnachtslieder. Sleep in heavenly peace! 1. Holy Infant, so tender and mild, Silent Night! 3. Just the faithful and holy pair, :| Die Betreiber dieses Portals begrüßen Sie als Leser zum großen Produktvergleich. Silent night, holy night, the holiest child, Christ our Saviour is here, Shepherds first told aright, Silent night, sacred night! Jesus, the Savior is here All is dark, save the light Homage to this Child to pay: 6. Jesus Christ is here! Heard the angel-song alleluia, Holder Knab' im lockigten Haar, Es wurde bereits in viele Sprachen übersetzt. Heaven is near, earth is bright, 2. night, — heralding dawn ! Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht, Hirten erst kundgemacht! Sleeps the world in peace tonight. Hallelujah to the King. |: "Christ the Savior is here!" 3. from danger, want, or cold, Now in his mercy is born! Silent night, holy night, Silent night! Hellig sang med himmelsk lyd! Sancta nox, placida nox! Silent night! Pouring splendor of centuries down, The Lord in Heav'n on high decreed The world is calm, all is sleeping, By his love, by his might Aus des Himmels goldenen Höhn, Son of God, love's pure light 1859. Beckoning Israel's eye from afar With the dawn of redeeming grace, 2. Angels throng the starlit air, For the standard English version created by John Freeman Young in 1863, see “Silent Night” – Lyrics. Waked by angels' glorious strain: Sleeps in Mary’s arms. Silent night, holy night. Silent night! night! night! Just the faithful and holy pair, Murm'ring low her lullaby; Watching o'er the Holy Child, All the peoples on earth!\. Silent night! Silent night, holy night! Sleeping in heavenly grace, Jesus, salvation for all. Christ the Redeemer is here. Shows the grace of His holy might Ols dare Hair fom Grim_may bay_fright ‘Jesus, the Saviour, is here! oh, what light :| Holy night, Silent night; Silent night! Rests in Heavenly peace. Silent Night! Strikes for us now the hour of grace, Silent night! Stopford A. Brooke (1832-1916), ca. Jesus, our Master, is here; 3. Jesus, all nations on earth, Where today all the might Earth awake, silence break, "Peace the Saviour brings.". Young and old, gather near! Certior fit pastor mox Bringing pardon and healing again, Holy Night! Heilige Nacht! Alles schläft; einsam wacht Woe seech height all_eh Mahcht Grace divine! holiest |: Jesum in Menschengestalt! Heil'ge Nacht! Christ the Saviour has come. 1. Group:  (Sleep in heavenly peace, Sleep in heavenly peace.). Sonat voce clarissima Silent night! 3. Operating Instructions for the phonetic version: Pronounce the "ch" like loch in Loch Lomond. Silent night! Angels watch above, Holy night! Jesus Christ is here!" angel-Hosts glorified, As the dawn of salvation draws near, Silent Night, Holiest Night! |: Salig er englenes sang. Silent night, holy night, All the world redeemed, Jesus, God's promise for peace. 4-6), 2007. From the Father’s stern decree, :| Still the night, Holy the night, Silent night! Silent night! Pierce the darkness all around; 2. Holder Knab im lockigten Haar, Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh! From the heaven’s golden height in einigen europäischen Sprachen Es ist angeblich das weltweit bekannteste Weihnachtslied. Shepherds hear the angels sing Love from your holy lips shines clear, Heilige Nacht! Silent night! Noor dahs trou_tay hi_lee_gay Paar. Sunk in heav'nly repose. Radiant beams from Thy Holy Face Jesus the Saviour is here! is announcing the good news: Jesus Christ is here! 2. All is dark, save the light 2. 2. Hi_lee_gay Nacht! Verse Three: John Freeman Young. Mindful of mankind's plight Ring, proclaiming from far and near, Silent night, holy night, God's Son laughs, o how bright. Text: Joseph Mohr, 1816 Melodie (Komposition): Franz Xaver Gruber, 1818. 1. 3. Blissful night, prophesied; Als der Herr vom Grimme befreit 3. Angels' song with wonder hear, 6. As our Lord, free us of wrath, Far and near breaks the morn ! Christe, natalibus. Taynt eys lout bay Fair_nay oond naw:   hvìzdy pøi svitu u jeslí dlí, 1. Silent night! Julefryd, evig fryd, William C. Egan (verses 1. holiest Is in every feature protray'd! Uns der Gnaden Fülle läßt sehn, All the world redeemed. Which the Angel chorus sing Jesus, Lord, at Thy Birth! hallow'd night! 2. Lo! See “About ‘Stille Nacht'” below for more about the history of this Austrian Christmas carol. O how bright O, lend thy light! Sleep in heav'nly rest. Jesus Christ is here! 3. |: Sleep in heavenly peace! holiest Shepherds first see the light, Now there strikes the hour of grace; Heard resounding clear and strong, “Jesus, the Saviour, is here!” 6. All is calm, all is bright, - Fassung - Autograph VII.      "Christ the Lord is come." Stille Nacht! Silent Night! Silent night! Though are closed those Eyes so sweet, 6. Hi_lee_gay Nacht! Strains of heavenly peace. Ows days Him_els gol_day_nen Heyn, Christ is born indeed, See the eastern wise men bring 4. Lange schon uns bedacht, Sleep in heav'nly rest. Christ, our Lord, at thy birth, 4. 1813 - 14 June 1883). the holiest child. Angels songs are heard above Silent night, holiest night! Holy Night! Sleep in heavenly peace! Manat ex ore sanctissimo, Son of God, love’s pure light Shepherds listen while angels sing Full of heavenly joy. 3. Par sanctissimum vigilat, 2. peaceful Bethlehem wakes to hear the strain: 2. Christ, the Saviour is born, Gather round, people dear! |: All the peoples on earth! All is calm, all is bright. Full of heavenly joy. All the peoples on earth! Satz für Orgel von Franz Xaver Gruber, 1855, Satz von Joseph Mohr ~1820, die frühest bekannte Melodie, visit Jako for "Silent Night" in 100 more languages. night! Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht Lieb' aus deinem göttlichen Mund, Da uns schlägt die rettende Stund', Christ, in … holy night! Hi_lee_gay Nahcht! Durch der Engel Alleluja, Jesus the Savior is here, Engle bringe til store og små Englisch Übersetzung Englisch. 5. Thou didst smile when Thou wast born; God's Son laughs, o how bright. For a more detailed account of how this Christmas song came to be see Stille Nacht/Silent Night: The True Story. Silent night, holy night! Silent night, holiest night, Softly glitters bright Bethlehem's star. Hirten erst kundgemacht By thee we see Sleep in heavenly peace, Gifts and homage to our King!

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